Who we are

YOUNITED products are designed to fuel and enhance all aspects of the self. By nourishing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit are quick to follow. This alignment brings you into focus, allowing you to push forward, dotting your I’s and crossing your finish lines. Life is an endurance sport, so stack the odds in your favour. Because when you’re whole, you don’t just wake in the morning—you rise.

Our purpose is to provide top quality natural health supplements to support every aspect of the self. With innovative formulas , our products are tailored to elevate your health  and nourish the body. 

As a company, we value educating wellness consumers about creating a way of being that encompasses a healthy lifestyle beyond supplements. We believe the products are merely a component of the solution, where an individual’s physical and mental well-being are just as critical.


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Reason for being

Our founder, Renzo Mariani, started Younited Nutrition with Purpose with the intention of creating a foundational wellness brand, with meaningful and efficacious doses of well-researched ingredients, transcending the latest fads and trends.

The seeds for Younited were planted from the moment he first started taking supplements at the age of 16. Building upon personal experience, Renzo wanted to create a line of supplements that not only applied to the physical aspect of the self, but the mind as well. This passion for a healthy lifestyle has been driving him ever since. 

Post-university he pursued a retail opportunity with Nutrition House, which eventually led to a sales role at Body Plus in 1997. Starting with a new company taught him a multitude of skills from the ground up. During his 20-plus years at Body Plus he oversaw sales and marketing and was intimately involved in product development and the creation and success of the Progressive Nutrition brand. His experience has provided him with unique  insight into how the industry, and his competition developed and marketed products.

With the tools he gathered from experience he saw an opportunity to create a new brand based on products that pride themselves on attention to detail whilst using the finest ingredients that really work for anyone and everyone. 

“Younited is largely selfish - I know what ingredients and combinations truly work for optimizing my own wellness. But my needs aren’t unique - what I take can benefit others. Younited brings my expertise to more people, with the discerning quality and innovation I demand for my own use.  I would never introduce a product into Younited that my family or I wouldn’t use.” - Renzo Mariani

Younited isn’t just a brand; it’s both the culmination and the beginning of a new journey of nutritional supplements that truly serve a purpose. Going above and beyond expectations, fads, diets and hype. Just real products that work. 


About Younited Nutrition with Purpose

All of our products are manufactured in cGMP facilities licensed by Health Canada, and tested for purity, potency, and efficacy. We strive to use organic food based ingredients wherever possible. All of our non-food supplements are licensed and approved by Health Canada. Health Canada approval means our formulas have been scrutinized for science; validating the health claims, benefits, and safety.